Fr Hugh Allan OPraem

Fr Hugh Allan speaks at lectern

Apostolic Administrator of the Prefecture of the Falkland Islands

Fr Hugh Allan OPraem is the Apostolic Administrator of the Prefecture of the Falkland Islands and Ecclesiastical Superior of the Missions sui iuris of the islands of Ascension, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha ad quinquennium (for a period of five years).

He succeeds Monsignor Michael McPartland SMA who has been incumbent of this post since August 2002. Monsignor McPartland, having reached the canonical age of retirement, submitted his resignation so that a successor could be appointed.

Fr Allan now has canonical responsibility of the community on the Falkland Islands and the other territories and will continue to support Fr John Wisdom OPraem who lives on the Falkland Islands. Fr John has been in Stanley since August 2015 and has built good relations with the islanders and with the military community at RAF Mount Pleasant on East Falkland.

Fr Allan was Prior of Norbertine Community of St Philip's Priory, Chelmsford. In recognition of his appointment as Apostolic Administrator, the Abbot General of the Norbertine Order has elevated Fr Allan to the title of Titular Abbot of Beeleigh.

Beeleigh Abbey near Maldon in Essex, was a monastery constructed in 1180 for the Norbertines (or Premonstratensians) and is of historic significance for the Norbertine Order in this country.